Final Fantasy XIV is finally headed to Xbox

Final Fantasy XIV, a highly regarded MMORPG, will soon be available on Xbox.

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and game director Naoki Yoshida made an appearance to share the news during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest keynote. “We want to connect the Xbox community and your warriors of light in a way that is secure, interesting, and, most importantly, enjoyable.” stated Spencer.

The MMORPG has only been accessible on PC and PlayStation since its release in 2013. One of the most frequent requests from fans, according to Yoshida, was for the game to be released on the Xbox system.

As a result, Final Fantasy XIV will be available on the Series S and X, with Series X supporting 4K resolution. Thankfully, Xbox players won’t have to wait to play the most recent addition. Yoshida claims that the Xbox version will debut in the spring of 2024, with an open beta scheduled for somewhere around patch 6.5’s release. Yoshida urged Xbox gamers to sign up for the beta since progress made during the open beta will carry over.