How to activate Roku using the portal,

Activate Roku using and pick the top Roku channels to add. Roku device activation is easy to execute. You can learn the setup guidelines and begin the execution right away. Roku Express, Express Plus, Roku Ultra, Premiere, Premiere plus, Streaming stick are the top models to start your Purchase. We recommend the brand that suits your budget, requirement to begin streaming.

  • What are the steps to setup Roku?

    • Insert the device into the HDMI port either directly or with the help of an HDMI cable/extender
    • Power it on using the adapter – insert it into an electrical slot – sometimes, the device mines its power from the TV itself
    • In such a case, a separate power cord may also not be required
    • Thereafter, toggle to the appropriate port choice on the TV screen and proceed to pair the device with the remote
    • This should be done in conjunction with the insertion of the batteries
    • After pairing up, choose the region and language and advance with the wireless setup
    • The device scans the area for networks in the vicinity – choose the relevant SSID to enter the password
    • Afterward, allow the device to update the software and then display a Roku activation code
    • This code has to be entered at to establish an association between the device and the Roku Account
  • How to create Roku account to begin activation?

    • Users must create an account on the Roku to receive relevant news, information and other data about their account and payments.
    • This is also primarily because some of the channels are free but others are paid
    • Enter the payment card information in advance
    • This way you make a purchase at will
    • Set a PIN to control buying
    • Inadvertent and unknown ordering can be stalled with this step
  • What are the top features of Roku streaming player?

    • Besides its vast content library, there are other attributes that the users can look forward to
    • Avail of LIVE TV PAUSE on Roku TVs so that a play never goes unwatched
    • Digital broadcast TV can be played back at any time with an antenna hooked up
    • Use pictures from the mobile device to create screen savers
    • Get a wide collection of screen savers on Roku’s channel store
    • Roku’s mobile app is free
    • Download it to enable easy use of the keyboard and save valuable time
    • Finally, take the Roku player while traveling along with you to constructively utilize the Hotel & Dorm Connect feature

How to activate Roku using the portal,

To begin Roku activation, connect your gadget to the TV

  • Establish the network
  • Login to the Roku account
  • Find the activation code
  • Type the code by  visiting the portal,

To activate your Roku streaming device using your email ID

You can activate your Roku device using an Email ID. Here we explain the guidelines in detail

  • At first, connect your device to the TV using the appropriate port
  • The link to activate your device will be generated automatically
  • You can view a message on your TV screen stating that the activation link is sent to your Email ID
  • Tap on the link sent to your Email ID and your Roku streaming device will be activated
  • Ensure to use a valid Email address to proceed with the activation

How To Fix Roku Device Activation And Streaming Issues?

Categorized Entertainment

  1. On the interface by itself categorizes its content according to Movies & TV, Top Free, Sports, International, and Kids & Family.
  2. Besides, visit the channel store to see what’s in and browse through several free and paid content.
  3. Enhancing viewership even when compared to satellite and cable TV, it adds a good amount of on-demand entertainment with affordable payment models.
  4. Eliminate the need for cable TV totally, with the Roku TV that also adds an antenna thus bringing viewers top-of-the-class entertainment.

Innovations and market presence

  1. Unceasingly, has brought many device upgrades and even innovations in internet TV watching, over the years.
  2. With two different types of streaming hardware such as the Roku stick and the box, the company aims to bring pocket-friendly, yet, premium entertainment into the television.
  3. There are also devices that enhance older TVs to act like smart TVs with a simple composite connection.
  4. The company has seen to it that newer and fresher functionalities are available with each advancement of the operating system.


Roku Ultra

Rated as ‘Excellent’ by many reviewers, the Roku Ultra device is one of the most advanced streaming players ever introduced by the company. It also comes with a voice interactive remote control that lets users speak their commands into it. This is particularly suitable for those who find navigating and scrolling the arrows across options, tedious. Consisting of every ultimate attribute that anyone could ever dream of, the Roku Ultra is an epitome of entertainment as it brings the best of 4K and HDR into your TV.


  • Great design with an embossed Roku logo, the rounded box comes with glossy sides and matte top finish
  • It comes with ports for HDMI, power, Micro SD card slot, power, an optical audio output and more importantly an Ethernet Port
  • Connect the device to the modem/router directly to avail of best internet speeds and seamless streaming facilities
  • Better still, play media directly from the USB drive
  • Highly advanced remote with point-anywhere responses, motion sensors, private listening, a microphone, and A and B gaming buttons
  • Other dedicated quick launch buttons present are for Showtime, Sling, and Netflix
  • Searching for all movies, videos and TV shows through the microphone pinhole on the top
  • Besides, initiate private listening with a pair of headphones with a jack in-built on the remote

connect Roku to wifi

Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus

Both the Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus are nearly identical devices that offer 4K viewing. There are plenty of channels to choose from and the device by itself is pretty compact, comes with an exquisite slim design and offers quick launch facilities to apps such as YouTube and Prime Video. Well-poised to compete with some of the superior brands in the market, the Premiere Plus comes with an enhanced voice remote that allows speech commands. The price variance between the Premiere and Premiere Plus is just about $10.

Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus

The Roku Streaming Stick’s lineup was, recently, revamped to provide better versions of both the Sticks. For this, there are two parts to the cable, the usual bit, the other one that is slightly widened, which is ideally a Wi-Fi booster. The attachment allows better signals and uninterrupted viewing. With the Roku Streaming Stick, users are assured of stability and speed.


roku streaming stick

  • Comes with extensive app support and a powerful OS
  • Encompasses an error-free easy-to-navigate interface that is fairly minimalist and yet grid-type without altering user-friendliness too much
  • Offers 4K and HDR video, which is very easy to stream with the help of the in-built Wi-Fi booster
  • Additionally, as is usual with every Roku device, it does come with a great range of on-demand content
  • Immersive picture quality optimized to display brilliantly clear images that are crisp and even realistic
  • The resolution is rather remarkable at 2,160 x 3,840 pixels – this is better than the Full HD 1,080 x 1,920
  • Not just movies and videos, watch personal photos with extensive clarity as well

How To Control Your Roku Device Using Your Voice?

If your Roku remote is not working, use the latest voice feature that arrives with Roku. To know how to control your device using the voice search, follow the steps below

You can use Roku voice remote or install the compatible Roku mobile app that arrives with the voice search feature

To Control Roku Using The Voice Remote

  • At first, start pairing your voice remote to the Roku device
  • Check the device setup manual to learn the guidelines
  • Now hold the Microphone button on your Roku voice remote
  • Then start speaking or use the voice commands

To Control Roku Using The Roku Mobile App Search Feature

Roku mobile apps are compatible to use with Android and Ios devices. You can choose the app that arrives with the voice search feature

  • At first, visit the device app store to install Roku mobile app
  • Select the app and use the option, download
  • Open the app
  • Then check if you can view the Remote Icon. Select the icon and then tap on the Microphone tab
  • Now it’s time to use the Voice commands
  • Tap on the middle icon of the screen after using the commands

Roku Channel Activation

After you have activated your Roku device there would be some pre-installed channels. You can add and install the channels of your choice by following the below mentioned easy steps. There are 10000+ channels you can choose from!

Adding Channels to Your Roku Device

  • At the beginning go to your Roku home screen and navigate to the search box
  • Now enter the name of the channel in the search box provided and click on ‘search’
  • The channel name would appear on your Roku screen and select it
  • Alternatively, you can browse through the various categories on your Roku device such as Family & kids, Action, Adventure, Sports, Entertainment, Reality TV, and many more
  • You can select the desired channel from the above-mentioned categories
  • After that click ‘Add Channel’ option that is beside the channel name
  • Wait a few moments for Roku to add your channel to the device
  • After that, open the channel and there would be a channel activation code present there
  • Now on your computer/laptop navigate to the respective channel activation page and insert the code there
  • After that click ‘submit’ and voila your channel has been activated on your Roku device!
  • Take into note that some channels may have subscription charges and to activate them you must choose the method of payment after you activate them

Add Private Channels on Roku

Not all channels would be visible on your Roku device. Learn the channel code of the channel you wish to add and follow the below-mentioned directions

  • First, sign in to your Roku account by navigating to the Roku website on your computer
  • Following this, select the option ‘add channel with code
  • Now click ‘Add channel’ after entering the code into the box provided
  • Finally, click ‘OK’ if there is a warning message and you can access the channel within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

You may or may not encounter issues during activation or while using your Roku device. If you encounter any issues, check the error codes and contact our customer service to resolve them. The following are some of the common issues that may arise while using the Roku device

This is one of the common issues you may face which you can resolve in quick steps

  • First and foremost, ensure that all the batteries in your Roku Remote are in a working condition
  • Make sure that you have placed the batteries in the correct position in your Roku Remote
  • You can try to unpair and pair the Roku remote with your Roku device again
  • Alternatively, you can install the Roku app on your smartphone that works the same as your Roku remote

This is another common issue that arises on your Roku device


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