The Eve Play brings AirPlay 2 audio to your Hi-Fi gear this November

Eve stated that their first audio product, the Eve Play, an AirPlay 2 receiver priced at $149.95, will be on sale on November 14. The receiver appears to be designed for audiophiles, despite being a touch pricy. It has optical, coaxial, and RCA audio outputs, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, a built-in DAC, and an ethernet port.

If your multiroom audio isn’t precisely synced, Eve claims you may manually or automatically modify speaker latency using the Audio Sync feature in the Eve app. To use it, users will need an iPhone or iPad and a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to their home network.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many wireless receivers like this one that support AirPlay 2. Without them, Apple Home users are forced to settle for the audio quality that Apple and companies like Sonos deem acceptable. There are a few choices, such as purchasing a second-generation AirPort Express or Belkin’s SoundForm Connect Audio, but LinkPlay Technology’s WiiM Pro is arguably the most comparable product.

The WiiM Pro costs $149, has several audio output options, and has an ethernet port like the Eve Play. However, the WiiM Pro also includes audio in ports, supports local streaming over DLNA, and Chromecast Audio, so you could use it as a preamp for something like a turntable. The Eve Play is less versatile overall because it lacks inputs and only supports AirPlay 2.

Other products coming from Eve

A portable thermostat for the Eve Thermo smart radiator valve, available only in the EU, was also unveiled by Eve. This sensor allows the valve to operate depending on the ambient room temperature rather than the temperature at the valve itself. To set your target temperature, use the e-ink display and capacitive buttons on the Thermo Control sensor. On November 14th, it will cost €79.95 to purchase.

The business has also disclosed that it would release a Matter firmware update for its Eve MotionBlinds, which will enable the Adaptive Shading function. According to Eve, the upgrade will also arrive on November 14.