PlayStation 5 system update makes massive improvement to system storage

The most recent PlayStation 5 beta update is jam-packed with amazing new features, one of which being a significant increase in the system’s potential capacity.

In case you missed it, Sony said yesterday that the PlayStation 5 will receive a sizable beta update. Select PS5 customers from the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France will have the opportunity to test out the upgrade, in case you don’t know what a beta update entails. They will then offer input, Sony will take that feedback into account, and later this year the update will be released globally. This implies that not everyone can access it, and some of the features may change before appearing on all consoles. Though it includes more accessibility features, support for compatible Dolby Atmos audio devices, social feature updates, and higher capacity M.2 SSD support, it sounds like a pretty promising update.

The bigger storage capacity is what users are most interested in. The PlayStation 5’s storage capacity can now be increased by up to 4TB by purchasing an SSD. However, if you were one of the fortunate few chosen to participate in the beta, you can now raise the capacity to 8TB. We can only hope that this is one of the things that the rest of us will be able to use later this year.

There are specifications that the M.2 SSD must meet. Make sure to carefully read the prerequisites posted on the PlayStation Blog where you can examine them. Because SSDs can be expensive, you want to be sure you’re buying the right one.