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10 Best Co-Op Open-World Games, Ranked

The co-op has fallen behind in the gaming business during the past few years. Split-screen gaming used to be a crucial component of any game’s design, but recently, it has been viewed less like a feature and more like an addition, something that is added after the single-player campaign and online multiplayer are finished. Cooperative play has become a lost art altogether, despite the fact that some games, like It Takes Two, have made it their selling feature.

Even more difficult to locate is open-world co-op. Even though squad-based games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone are built around the concept of party play, they are played in enclosed arenas. When those games often need to use perspective tricks to hide their loading screens, giving players the freedom that an open world offers while still allowing them to collaborate with their friends to explore within it is a difficult task. With multiple perspectives, that’s a difficult process. But some games have managed it, and occasionally it has been a big success.


Even though it’s not quite a “traditional” co-op game, it would be difficult to rank the top open-world co-op games without mentioning Minecraft. The dynamically generated environments of the game are the ideal playground for a group of buddies.

A few buddies being able to play Survival mode together helps it stand out even though it isn’t as extensive in terms of co-op as some of the games that are on the horizon. Or, if you gather a few skilled individuals, the things they can conjure up from nothing are nothing short of miraculous.

Dying Light

Since the first Left 4 Dead and Dead Island games, co-op and zombie survival have been synonymous. However, the Dying Light series is one of the few video games that truly captures the experience of surviving (and flourishing) in a zombie apocalypse.

This franchise is elevated by the parkour mechanics, which also improve the co-op experience. Together, players can take on objectives that can be approached in a variety of ways. They can compete in races up steep hills or through the streets, try to kill the most people, or see who can last the longest in the dark. The range of available constructions makes fighting unique for each person who approaches it and enables some great teamwork.


While the initial excitement around Valheim in early 2021 may have subsided, the game itself is still as fantastic as ever. The Norse-inspired setting is genuinely captivating, the combat is rewarding despite first impressions, and the settlement-building aspect instills a sense of urgency in teamwork that few other games can match.

Even if word-of-mouth may not be as powerful as it once was, Valheim has managed to keep a steady player base over the past few years. There are currently more monthly players than ever. Building a settlement from the ground up, advancing into Purgatory, or taking on one of Valheim’s scary bosses are all cooperative activities, and Valheim is an experience that is best shared with others.

Sea Of Thieves

Although the initial launch of Sea of Thieves may not have gone as planned, the game’s creator, Rare, remained steadfast, and within a short period of time, the game was accomplishing all of its objectives. Although you may play this maritime pirate sim alone, there’s no alternative for setting sail on the open seas with a crew of buddies.

It’s challenging to describe the excitement of escaping a battle with the deadly kraken or the anxiety players experience when an enemy crew aboard their ship as a cache of loot lies just below decks. The game stands out because of its art design and distinctive combat mechanics, but those who play it will quickly discover that what will keep them coming back are the island-hopping treasure hunts and naval battles.

Forza Horizon 5

Co-op doesn’t always include joining forces with buddies to defeat the toughest foes. The best moments can occasionally be had by plunging into a huge, open playground with all the tools at hand to make the most of it. Forza Horizon 5 is that.

Players can compete in races around the expansive open-world Mexico, but that is merely the beginning. Try to land the biggest leap, deflate the hot air balloon, climb the volcano, or unearth a secret city. The fact that the game is more than just a racing simulation and may best be enjoyed in a group, makes it unique.


The looter-shooter franchise that established the genre is still at the top of its game, in large part due to how much fun it is to play with others. At its foundation, Borderlands is a first-person shooter with some style and a ton of customisation, but playing it makes it feel like much more.

The variety of its playable characters, the originality of its world design, and most importantly, the crazy guns transcend what may initially appear to be a typical shooter. There are millions of them, in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and types. Since there is so much treasure in Borderlands, no two players will ever have the same experience. It ultimately comes down to the dealer’s preference for the franchise’s best entry. For the same reason, they are all good. many strange guns.

Diablo 4

There is little question as to where Diablo 4 stands in the co-op pantheon despite its recent entry into the gaming market. Even while Diablo 2 was already among the best co-op RPGs available, its contemporary successor raises the bar significantly.

The game’s level scaling, which properly adjusts to every player in a party regardless of their character’s level, is what makes it so wonderful. Together, a level 20 Druid and a level 60 Rogue may defeat a boss and feel just as challenged. Diablo 4 is an almost flawless co-op experience when the interplay between classes and the simple skill respec system are added.

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom battled for a long time to make the Monster Hunter franchise popular in the West the way it was in Japan. With Monster Hunter: World, everything was changed. Global gamers at last got to experience what a small, loud group had been screaming about for more than ten years.

The game’s combat still had a challenging learning curve, but it added several enormous open biomes for the player to explore where monsters roam freely. Working with a friend to lure a Bazelgeuse into a trap or wearing down an Anjanath with an Insect Glaive before stunning it with a smack from a friend’s Charge Blade are two rewarding experiences.

Elden Ring

To be honest, every Soulsborne game bar Sekiro offers excellent co-op, but Elden Ring stands out from the crowd because it is the first to feature an open world in its fullest capacity. For newbies, FromSoftware’s distinctive approach to co-op can be a little challenging to understand, but the multitude of online resources should get them up and running in no time, and the extra work is well worth it.

It’s sublime to explore The Lands Between with companions. There is simply a ton lot do, and everything you do is infused with the eerie sense of peril and mystery that permeates the entire game. Battle your way through the game’s lengthy main storyline, take on a boss or dungeon while exploring the open world, find new gear and accessories, or gather runes. There is an unending list of things to do, and starting any of them is a complete thrill.

Grand Theft Auto Online

There isn’t anything else to do. Grand Theft Auto Online has been running for almost a decade, but nothing even comes close in terms of “robust open worlds”. Players can play the game’s online component rarely, or every day, and still have a blast. It is just as popular now as it was when it first started, if not more so.

Even though this game has been around for a very long time, what really stands out is how simple it is for players to form their own gang and establish themselves in the game’s world. It’s fun to take up a criminal career, complete missions, or simply play around in the infinitely dynamic open environment. Rockstar’s continued release of significant game updates only serves to highlight how engaged their user base still is after all these years.