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10 Best Indie RPGs On Xbox

While there are many popular triple-A role-playing games, such as The Witcher 3 and Skyrim, there are also several independent RPGs that have pleasantly surprised fans with their excellent quality.

Consoles have supported these independent game developers much more recently in the hopes of bringing these incredible independent games to their platforms. One firm that has witnessed an increase in fantastic independent role-playing games on the Xbox platform is Microsoft. These are undoubtedly some of the best independent role-playing games that people may play on their Xbox Series S or X, despite the fact that there have been more since then.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds was the final independent game produced by Obsidian Entertainment, despite the fact that it is no longer an independent studio as a result of being acquired by Microsoft. This space-themed role-playing game was entirely self-sufficient, building an incredible universe complete with nefarious corporations and hostile aliens.

Since joining Microsoft, players can only anticipate better things from Obsidian Entertainment, and many are eagerly anticipating The Outer Worlds 2 as a result of this additional investment.

The Ascent

The Ascent, a superb indie RPG that continues the sci-fi premise, is another game that fans who want more action in their games will adore. The entire city of The Ascent was owned by a firm that has since vanished, and it has an astounding story with a similar concept to The Outer Worlds.

There is lots for players to get got into when spending time in this intriguing independent RPG, which can even be enjoyed with others. It features engaging gunplay and a vivid neon environment to uncover.

For The King

For the King is one of the most exciting fantasy games you can play on Xbox since it combines roguelike and tabletop RPG features. The Queen has charged the citizens of her kingdom with helping to end the turmoil that has engulfed their realms through intense strategy in response to the recent murder of the King.

For the King offers both local and internet co-op so that players can play by themselves or with others’ assistance. Every journey in this game will seem unique to the player thanks to the number of ways this RPG can be played and the rogue-lite features that are available.


After Chernobyl’s nuclear meltdown, which led to the facility exploding, Chernobylite takes place within the exclusion zone of the plant. Igor, the main character, is controlled by the players as he searches for his wife in the horrific blast zone. He’s not alone, though, as players will also run into a ton of other odd characters who are also trying their luck in the radioactive wasteland.

This survival RPG has a sci-fi edge as well because players may run into the vivid green monsters that someway emerged from the Chernobyl disaster.


Even though many of these independent games have beautiful graphics, pixel art games may still be fantastic RPGs. The popular game Undertale, which has amassed a sizable cult following since its release, serves as the best illustration of this.

Undertale allows players the opportunity to choose how they approach each encounter because many players attempt a Pacifist run of the game in which they do not engage in combat with any enemies they come across. These choices will provide several outcomes for the player, making Undertale an Xbox game that can be played repeatedly.

No Man’s Sky

Some gamers may be surprised to learn that No Man’s Sky is also an independent game given how big it is. It’s incredible to imagine an independent company could accomplish it, giving users the opportunity to explore the universe and numerous extraterrestrial planets.

No Man’s Sky had a rocky start, with many players dissatisfied with the game’s initial features. However, Hello Games turned things around with perseverance and hard work, crafting No Man’s Sky into a space adventure that many gamers have been happy to undertake.

Stardew Valley

As demonstrated by the well-known farming role-playing game Stardew Valley, RPGs don’t necessarily need to transport players to a distant galaxy to provide an amazing experience. As independent as it gets, Eric Barone, popularly known as ConcernedApe, built this endearing cozy farming game alone, and while being as indie as they come, it managed to amuse millions of people while still getting love and attention.

Despite having a straightforward farming and getting to know the residents of Stardew Valley theme, this charming indie PRG has made it to numerous platforms, including the Xbox, and is still one of the best.

Citizen Sleeper

The success of tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons has led to a lot of gamers searching for ways to mimic comparable experiences in computer games. Citizen Sleeper is a fantastic illustration of this, using dice rolls to craft a thrilling journey throughout a lawless space station.

Like previous tabletop RPGs, Citizen Sleeper is said by its developers to be very versatile. Players are given the opportunity to forge their own paths by meeting friends and figuring out how to leave their past behind and create a new future for themselves. Many Xbox users will be intrigued to try out this game since it is also accessible through Game Pass.


This delightful adventure can only be played on Xbox, in contrast to many of the other independent RPGs included on this list. In the independent role-playing game Ravenlok, players try to overthrow the oppressive Queen Dreda and end her reign of terror.

In addition to the numerous boss fights and riddles, Ravenlok is a gorgeous game with stunning areas all across the landscape. With its luminous marshes and spooky botanical labs, Ravenlok is a must-have for Xbox users, especially now that it is now available on Game Pass.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is undoubtedly one of the best indie RPGs gamers should attempt out of all the indie games available on Xbox. The dice rolls from Citizen Sleeper are used in this game to create a gripping murder investigation as players take control of a retired investigator who has lost all memory.

Every contact offers the player a decision as they consider their own cognitive functions’ perspectives in an effort to solve a murder. It is necessary to play Disco Elysium more than once, and many gamers will be eager to start playing it again.