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10 Best RPG Party Members Of All Time, Ranked

In party-based role-playing games, the effectiveness of your journey frequently hinges on the skills of your group. Selecting allies with complimentary traits and skills can spell the difference between success and failure.

The physical makeup of each party member varies, thus some are better at delivering harm than others are at healing or providing support. You can run upon lovely rogues or stoic warriors. This list will introduce the top RPG party members, taking into account their combat prowess, usefulness, and general likeability.

10. Kingdom Hearts 2 – Riku

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Riku eventually joining Sora’s group is one of the game’s best moments. Riku provides some much-needed physical damage because he was created with the ultimate boss in mind, making him almost as powerful as Sora. In addition, he excels in defense because his Limit Break shields his friends.

Since you were first introduced to these two childhood pals, nothing compares to the feeling of fighting side by side. Their coordinated team attack, which combines both light and darkness aspects, is also among the best in the entire series.

9. Persona 4 – Kanji Tatsumi

Persona 4 has the most endearing party member of all the Persona games, which are known for their fantastic and multifaceted characters. The moving story of Kanji Tatsumi, a young guy who is complex and misunderstood, is supported by outstanding voice acting. He is surrounded by rumors, and rather than putting them to rest, he chooses to enjoy them.

He keeps coloring his hair, dressing like a ruffian, and picking fights, yet he also enjoys activities that are often associated with women, like crocheting or cooking. His dungeon exposes more about his personality and his inner anxieties. Additionally, due to his combat prowess, he becomes an indispensable player during one of the best RPG boss fights.

8. Mass Effect – Garrus Vakarian

In Mass Effect, Garrus Vakarian is by far the best friend you can have because he constantly has your back. If you choose to engage with him, you might have one of the best gaming friendships or something much more meaningful. He has one of the strongest personal story arcs and is a trustworthy character.

Garrus’s keen eye for target acquisition and distinctive personality make him an invaluable member of Shepard’s crew in the battlefield. In the midst of some intense situations, his sarcastic remarks and gloomy humor are a pleasant distraction.

7. Chrono Trigger – Frog

Excellent role-playing game: Chrono Trigger. It has everything, from fantastic boss battles you should lose to the most endearing lead character. Though he requires a number of allies to fulfill his goal, the main hero is not the only appealing character in the story. Frog is one of these party participants.

Frog used to be Glenn the Squire, but after seeing his best friend die, he was cursed to live as a huge frog. He has the most complicated past of the entire primary characters. He demonstrates excellent character growth as he accepts his new shape and works to get stronger to beat Magus.

6. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – J’zargo

One of the best open-world adventure games is Skyrim, which also provides you with a great selection of followers. Although J’zargo may not be the strongest of them all, he is the favorite among the supporters. His eccentric demeanor and humorous third-person conversation contribute to some of the game’s best moments.

Despite not being the strongest, he has incredibly potent destruction spells that quickly dispatch opponents. He is a flexible follower who can heal you if necessary in addition to dealing magical damage.

5. Dragon Age: Origins – Alistair Theirin

One of the best and first characters you will encounter in Dragon Age is Alistair Theirin. He is a man who puts on a rough front but is actually quite pleasant and has an interesting past. His wit and humor offer a nice diversion from the game’s harsher themes, and his challenges and personal journey make him a very likeable figure.

He is valued for more than just his personality because of how effective he is in battle. He serves as a great tank, diverting the enemy’s focus away from the other party members.

4. Fallout – Dogmeat

Fallout games typically include you exploring wide wasteland by yourself, facing constant danger, and engaging in mutant creature combat. A human partner may be available in some games, but Dogmeat makes the finest party member. The dog is introduced to you in the games in a variety of ways, but he ultimately becomes an indispensable friend.

Dogmeat can detect opponents, locate hidden objects, or even warn you of impending dangers. He offers unwavering allegiance, and being around him brings comfort and company in the desolate landscape.

3. Pokémon – Arceus

There have been more than a thousand Pokémon introduced, but Arceus is the strongest and best to have in your group. It is a Mythical Pokémon of the normal type and the universe’s creator, making it almost equivalent to a deity. When Arceus emerged from its egg, it created time, space, and antimatter.

In addition, Arceus has the unique capacity to alter its type according on the crystal it is holding. Its best attacks, which inflict a ton of damage in every battle, are Hyper Voice, Beam, and Judgment.

2. Xeno – KOS-MOS

The Xeno series features fantastic gameplay, compelling narratives, and attractive characters. KOS-MOS is the best partner you can have in terms of interaction. She has amassed a sizable and devoted fanbase, making her the franchise’s face. That makes sense considering how unique she is compared to the other characters in terms of design, personality, and character development.

Her sleek, futuristic design suits the sci-fi atmosphere of the game, and her broad variety of potent skills make her an essential asset in battle. She first comes off as being cold and aloof in terms of personality since she finds it difficult to comprehend how people feel.

1. Final Fantasy IX – Vivi Ornitier

The most recognizable and adored companion in the Final Fantasy series is Vivi. He has practically taken on the role of the franchise’s mascot as a result of his enormous popularity. He stands out from the rest of the group thanks to his unusual straw hat and robe.

As a dark mage with priceless combat magic skills, Vivi adds significant value to the group. As he struggles with existential issues as a result of his unique personal story, he also stands out because of how empathetic and personable he is.