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Best Atlus Games That Are Not Part Of The Megami Tensei Franchise

The renowned Shin Megami Tensei series and the series on which it is based, Digital Devil Story, were both created by the Japanese video game studio Atlus. A Shin Megami Tensei spin-off, the well-known Persona series shares elements with its parent series.

It’s not difficult to understand why these franchises are so well-liked: players have the option to alter the plot according on the decisions they make, summon creatures to battle for them, and more. However, Atlus has produced many more excellent games as well. Several of Atlus’ other game franchises will appeal to players who like the various components of the Shin Megami Tensei titles but want a different gameplay style.


Persona is a beloved series, and Catherine and Catherine: Full Body has many appealing elements. It contains a wide range of intriguing and distinctive characters, numerous dialogue options, and significant plot-affecting decisions, all wrapped up in a more mature scenario with a full cast of adult characters. Vincent Brooks, a 32-year-old who finds himself at a crossroads after becoming sandwiched between two Catherines, serves as the “protagonist” of the game.

Catherine, a younger lady who spends the night with Vincent, and Katherine, his longtime lover, both express a desire to advance in their relationship and be married. In addition to his problems with love, he has nightly dreams of running from hellish demons while trying to scale a falling tower. Catherine: Full Body is a remake/rerelease of the original game that enhances existing content and adds a tonne of new content, including Rin, a kind and sweet amnesiac who Vincent runs into, who serves as a new love interest for Vincent.

Trauma Center

The Trauma Centre series might be quite entertaining for people who have always wanted to be in a medical drama but don’t have the time to finish their PhD or learn how to act. The series consists of 5 games, the first of which lets players control Derek Stiles at a trauma centre under the knife. He awakens a superhuman power called the Healing Touch after a patient of his nearly perishes due to his neglect, and uses it to save the life of a patient who was in a catastrophic car accident.

Players in each game take on patients with various illnesses and ailments, which they must treat with the Wii remote or Nintendo DS stylus. Players can employ a variety of surgical instruments for each of their procedures.Depending on the kind of injuries that need to be treated, several tools are required for each surgery. At the conclusion of each surgery, the players receive a score based on the amount of time it took them to finish the procedure and how accurately they treated each patient.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Fans of Atlus may be confident that the company will deliver on the characters, among other things. The characters created by Atlas are fantastic at capturing players’ hearts and sticking with them long after the game is over. Aegis Rim is undoubtedly one of such games, according to 13 Sentinels. The game, which is set in the 1980s, centres on 13 high school students who can all call forth enormous massive mechs known as Sentinels.

These Sentinels are used to combat kaiju that pose a threat to humanity. Seven of the game’s thirteen playable characters will be introduced to players early on, allowing them to experience their personalities and daily lives while taking control of one of them. Players can choose to move to a different character or continue on their current road after each path because the stories of the characters begin and end in various locations. A 2D side-scrolling adventure game and a moving and gorgeous visual novel alternate in the gameplay.

Etrian Odyssey

For those who like the dungeon crawling element of the Shin Megami Tenshi series and spinoffs, Etrian Odyssey is a terrific game series to take up and enjoy. The promise of wealth, glory, and reputation lures adventurers from all over the world to a small village called Etria in the first game of the series, Etrian Odyssey, where a forest fissure reveals the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

Making use of the 9 available character classes, players can assemble a team to explore the labyrinth’s depths. Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, a remaster of the first three games, has been created and made available for the Switch. Players will be able to create their own maps of their journey through the labyrinth by placing drawings and icons for notable objects and events on the Switch’s touch screen.

Stella Glow

A tactical RPG for the Nintendo 3DS is called Stella Glow. It takes place in a time when song had great power in that world. But the world’s deity removed that power because it was generating turmoil and war, leaving only Witches with the ability. A witch known as the Witch of Destruction uses her power in the present to attempt to crystallise the entire earth thousands of years later.

Alto, the game’s main character, is controlled by the player as he endeavours to join the battle against the Witch of Destruction and turn into a Regnant Knight. His buddy Lisette joins him in the search for and defence of the other witches once she transforms into the Water Witch.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

A Playstation 2 remake of the original Odin Sphere game is called Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. A popular game back then, its remake makes it a game that even more people can enjoy. The universe in which Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is set is going through a significant power shift as the once-powerful kingdom of Valentine falls, leaving behind the Cauldron, which was the source of that strength.

Now, the countries that border Valentine’s strive to claim it. Each of these individuals is controlled by a different player, and their journey is acted out like a story. Each character possesses a special magical weapon called a Psypher, as well as a distinctive appearance, attack, and fighting style.