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Sea Of Stars: Every Playable Character

While Sea of Stars makes numerous references to classic RPGs, its narrative is rather unique. Occasionally, legendary warriors known as Solstice Warriors might be seen standing atop this foggy city. They are brought up to protect the earth from evil. The most recent contenders are Valere, who can control the moon, and Zale, who can control the sun.

They will encounter other party members along the road, as is customary in RPGs. In addition to the six playable characters, there are other characters who periodically hang out with the gang but don’t engage in combat. The best example is Teaks, who is deserving of a brief mention in Sea of Stars. With all spoilers enabled and shoutouts set aside, let’s rank these playable characters.


Of the game’s two major heroes, Zale is the stronger magician. Since there are no items like potions, the fact that he can heal is quite important. Instead, they must rely on spells or food that may be cooked in a minigame. He also possesses a move called Sunball that launches a sizable fireball towards a group of adversaries.

The only drawback about Zale is that he lacks much personality. As the chosen one, he possesses strength, kindness, and a sense of obligation, but little more. He’s not a bad protagonist, but his sidekicks are far more endearing.


As a character, Valere shares many of the same issues as Zale. Writing not one, but two primary heroes for an RPG while making sure that neither shines above the other must be challenging. Valere has greater overall balance than Zale, who shines as a mage warrior. She has a tiny advantage over Zale due to her boldness, though.

She possesses two effective attack methods in addition to a powerful shield spell. If players master their button presses, Moonerang, for instance, can recur to all foes on the board. Overall, Valere and Zale are both crucial to the plot and excel in combat, but there are just so many other playable and helpful characters that outperform them.


The final recruitable playable character is B’st. She essentially fills in for Garl, however it takes some time after his passing to unlock her. She is a ghost, or more accurately, a soul that Aephorul exorcised long ago. She is nonetheless adamant about exacting revenge for her people, which is why Resh’an offers to make her a set of Living Glass in order to assist her.

B’st can have a solidified form thanks to Living Glass, but she can also shape it whichever she wants. Her pink colors and flexibility are similar to Nintendo’s Kirby, but without the enormous appetite. B’st is strong and makes some heroic sacrifices in the story despite not having many amazing skills.


Using a literal narrator who is reading a book that is the game as its opening device, Sea of Stars employs an intriguing narrative technique. Before returning to the game main, the game will occasionally cut back to the narrator recounting the story of these characters. Zale and the others eventually identify this narrator as a character in the narrative. Resh’an, an immortal alchemist who appears to know more than he is letting on, is another name for him.

Resh’an and the primary antagonist, Aephorul, resemble the two links that bind Sea of Stars to The Messenger, the previous title from the same creator. Will they participate in the next project the creators work on, or will someone else from Sea of Stars? Resh’an is a lot of fun to play in the game because of his enigmatic nature.


Another intriguing character with a mystique is Serai. She is first introduced to the characters as Captain Klee’shae, a pirate who is fixated on the ghost ship The Vespertine. When Gale becomes unwell, Zale and the others run into Serai. The two personalities are actually the same, and she doesn’t say why she was lying to everyone. However, that is not the game’s major discovery.

Serai is a cyborg and, it turns out, hails from an entirely different dimension. Her future is a lot like the one that was destroyed in Chrono Trigger, but that’s not all that’s similar. By the time the credits rolled, she had developed into a more approachable figure than Resh’an, but many doubts remained regarding this cybernetic ninja.


Garl is the foundation. Sea of Stars wouldn’t be as magical without him. He is the thread that holds everything together, and it is amazing to see the hidden meaning in his generosity and upbeat demeanor. Garl seems unconcerned that he lacks Valere’s or Zale’s magical abilities. The lesson is that you don’t need special abilities to influence someone’s life.

Garl simply wants to hang out with his buddies and do whatever he can to preserve the planet. It makes no difference if he forfeits an eye or a life in the process. The best friend anyone could ask for is Garl. Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the only other good-hearted RPG character that instantly comes to mind. Garl and Sora would probably get along fabulously, it may be assumed.

On August 29, 2023, Sea of Stars was launched and is now playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.