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All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Listed

A Wonderful Life’s “Story of Seasons” takes you on a journey that honors some of life’s most significant turning points. You will progress from a novice farmer to a master farmer along the road. You can start producing hybrid crops as you make this move. The list of hybrid crops available in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is provided below.

Every Hybrid Crop in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

In Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, the first year is unquestionably a foundational year. You have time to master the fundamentals of agricultural farming and livestock raising. Additionally, you get to pick the eligible spouse with whom you wish to share your life. With the advent of hybrid crops in year two, agriculture becomes more accessible.

How to Unlock Hybrid Crops

When you’ve finished the first year of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and have moved into the second. Soon, Takakura will reveal that when he was in the city, some seeds were secreted into his pocket. Vinnie was the outcome when he planted them when he got home. This chatty, three-headed plant will combine several crops to create hybrid types. He can also combine various crops with flowers! It is entirely up to you which method you like to use because Vinnie will accept the crop in either seed or produce form.

However, Vinnie may be pretty erratic, and he won’t start growing hybrid crops for you right away. Only until he feels comfortable with you can he provide you this service, therefore you will need to speak to him frequently. Since you can chat to him repeatedly, this doesn’t take very long. On the same screen as the other residents of Forgotten Valley, you can also find out how much he likes you.

All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

The hybrid crops, trees, and blue crops that you can grow in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life are listed in the tables below.

Hybrid Crops

Hybrid CropCrops to CombineGrows in Season
BerrymeloStrawberry + MelonSpring, Autumn, Winter
BerrytomaStrawberry + TomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
CameloCarrot + MelonSummer, Autumn
CarberryCarrot + StrawberrySpring, Autumn, Winter
CaroturnCarrot + TurnipSpring, Summer, Winter
CarromelCarrot + WatermelonSpring, Summer
GreetomaTomato + WatermelonSpring, Summer, Autumn
MelomeloMelon + WatermelonSpring, Summer
MelosweetWatermelon + Sweet PotatoSpring, Summer
MelotomaMelon + TomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
PoberrytoPotato + StrawberrySpring, Autumn, Winter
PocaroPotato + CarrotSpring, Summer, Winter
PomatoPotato + TomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
PotameloPotato + MelonSummer, Autumn
PototoPotato + Sweet PotatoSpring, Summer, Winter
PoturnipPotato + TurnipSpring, Summer, Winter
StrawmeloStrawberry + WatermelonSpring, Summer
StrawsweetStrawberry + Sweet PotatoSpring, Autumn, Winter
SwarrotSweet Potato + CarrotSummer, Autumn
SweetmelSweet Potato + MelonSummer, Autumn
SweetomaSweet Potato + TomatoSpring, Summer, Autumn
SweeturnSweet Potato + TurnipSpring, Summer, Winter
TocarroTomato + CarrotSpring, Summer, Autumn
TurmelonTurnip + MelonSummer, Autumn
TurnberryTurnip + StrawberrySpring, Autumn, Winter
TurnmatoTurnip + TomatoSummer, Autumn
WatatoWatermelon + PotatoSpring, Summer
WaturnipWatermelon + TurnipSpring, Summer

Hybrid Trees

Hybrid TreeTrees to CombineFlowering SeasonFruiting Season
BanappleBanana + AppleSummerAutumn
BanorangeBanana + OrangeAutumnWinter
GrananaGrape + BananaSpringSummer
GrappleGrape + AppleSpringSummer
GreachGrape + PeachSummerAutumn
GrorangeGrape + OrangeSpringSummer
OrappleOrange + AppleWinterSpring
PananaPeach + BananaAutumnWinter
PapplePeach + AppleSummerAutumn
PorangePeach + OrangeSummerAutumn

Blue Crops

Hybrid CropCrop and Flower CombinationGrows in Season
BluematoTomato + Trick Blue FlowerSpring, Summer, Autumn
BluetatoPotato + Trick Blue FlowerSpring, Winter
CarroblueCarrot + Trick Blue FlowerAutumn, Winter
MeloblueMelon + Trick Blue FlowerSummer, Autumn
StrawblueyStrawberry + Trick Blue FlowerSpring, Autumn, Winter
SweeblueSweet Potato + Trick Blue FlowerAutumn
TurnblueTurnip + Trick Blue FlowerSummer, Autumn, Winter
WaterblueWatermelon + Trick Blue FlowerSpring, Summer

You’re all set! You can successfully cultivate all of the hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life by using the aforementioned tables. Not only are they more expensive, but other Forgotten Valley inhabitants frequently request the hybrid crop and the dishes made with them. Consequently, it is wise to always have some on available. Once the crop has been produced successfully, you can use the seed maker to produce more seed without needing to combine them with Vinnie once more. Additionally, you receive two seeds for each crop you plant. Good deal, really.

When it comes to delving into the specifics of farm life, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life does not hold your hand. In addition to having to discover the hybrid crops by trial and error, several game mechanics aren’t made clear. For instance, being able to help your child choose the profession of their choosing. Happy agriculture!