Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince details story, main characters, world, and new monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, the recently announced third official entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series, has received fresh information and photos from Square Enix. These details include the game’s plot, main characters, setting, and new monsters.

Get the details below.

■ The Story

Psaro, whose name Dragon Quest aficionados may recognize from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, is the protagonist of this new adventure. However, as this game is entirely independent, it doesn’t matter if you don’t.

Psaro, who is incapable of killing any creature with monster blood due to a curse from his father, the monarch of the monster country of Nadiria, is poor.

Psaro grows up to be a monster wrangler out of defiance, and he soon commands his own army of devoted monster minions. He meets Rose, a young elf named Rose, and Toilen Trubble, a mystery man, while on his quest for vengeance against his father. They set out together to confront the dangers Nadiria has in store for them.

Psaro’s ultimate purpose is vengeance, but before he can accomplish that goal, he must make many friends with monsters and travel many dark pathways.

■ The Characters

The monster-wrangling adventure in this DRAGON QUEST game is full with vibrant characters, as you might expect from a title with that name. Let’s introduce a few of the key participants:

Psaro (in English, voiced by Gwilym Lee)

The story’s primary protagonist is Psaro. Young and distinctive with silver hair and crimson eyes, he is a demihuman.

In order to fight his father, the Master of Monsterkind, he sets out to become a monster wrangler.

Rose (voiced in English by Emma Ballantine)

Rose is a crucial ally to Psaro; she travels with him on his expeditions into Nadiria and makes use of her mysterious elven abilities to illuminate the route through this dangerous region.

Rose is a lovely and compassionate woman who is not hesitant to defend her convictions.

Toilen Trubble (English voiced by Hyoie O’Grady)

Toilen, a youthful magic researcher with a self-described penchant for five-finger discounts, teams up with Psaro to search Nadiria for magical elements that are not present in the human realm.

He has a reputation for being quite excited when looking for rare goods.

Fizzy (in English, voiced by Harriet Carmichael)

This sly creature has made it her life’s work to find the most talented monster handlers in the entire planet. Psaro learns the fundamentals of controlling monsters from Fizzy, who acts as something of a mentor to him.

■ The Varied Vistas of Nadiria

In Nadiria, an underworld realm where monsters rule supreme, a significant portion of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince’s narrative takes place.

Nadiria is divided into several realms, known as “Circles,” each of which consists of a lower, medium, and higher echelon.

A World that Changes With the Seasons

Time moves forward, and the seasons change in a predictable way, even in Nadiria. The environment and the monsters who live there vary with the seasons. New discoveries and more creatures to become friends with come with a new season.

■ Meet the Monsters

The most recent title in the Dragon Quest Monsters series is Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. As is customary, the main character is skilled at developing strong ties with the monsters they encounter. Along with the hero on their quest, these monster buddies will defend them from the dangers they face.

This game is not different in that regard. Psaro, however, is affected by a curse that his father, the monarch of Nadiria, imposed on him, unlike his forebears. He is unable to harm any creature with monster blood by himself as a result.

Psaro decides to train his squad of monsters or produce new ones using the ability of synthesis in order to become a monster wrangler.

With more than 500 different varieties of monster and a revised synthesis engine, there are many recognizable friends—and arch enemies—from earlier Dragon Quest games to make as well as brand-new monster combinations to uncover. Additionally, you can now engage in combat with monster handlers from all over the world thanks to the game’s online features.

But first, let’s become acquainted with a couple of the new creatures in Dragon Quest creatures: The Dark Prince.


These cunning slimes command gales and thunderstorms from the comfort of their cloud.


The flower that emerges from the dragon’s head and the two creatures continue to coexist in harmony.

Ronin Raccoon

To decide how to effectively defeat its enemies, this monster looks deeply into their minds.

■ Day One Downloadable Content

The Mole Hole, Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym, and Treasure Trunks! are three sets of downloadable content that will be available at the same time as the main game. As you progress through these extra features, you’ll receive gifts that will aid you in your mission and new clothes for Psaro to wear. On the Nintendo Switch, content can be bought from the Nintendo eShop.

The Mole Hole

Go underground to re-connect with the monster types you once befriended. Additionally, you will get the chance to scout out monsters that are otherwise incredibly difficult to synthesis. The “gothic vestment” clothing is part of this content that can be downloaded.

Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym

Explore these dungeons created at random and engage armies of formidable monsters in combat. The specific requirements of each dungeon force players to carefully consider and assemble their crew. To obtain unique items that will help you raise ever-stronger allies, defeat the boss that is waiting in the last area. The “cake-maker’s clobber” costume is part of this downloadable content.

Treasure Trunks

Each time you unlock one of these enigmatic treasure chests, you’ll get a rewarding prize. The next thrilling reward on the list won’t be available until you wait a little while to open the chest again. You may be sure that if you keep opening them, you’ll find some extremely alluring things! The “monstrous mail” costume is part of this downloadable material.

On December 1, the Switch version of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince will be released.