If you haven’t upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate yet, now might be the right time. The $1 update to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is back, but it’s a little different than before.

At first, Xbox Live Gold users could switch the rest of their subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1. In the end, Microsoft took that away because the service’s price was going to change. But the upgrade plan is now back for everyone in the world, though it doesn’t work the same way.

The update instead uses a 3:2 ratio and rounds up by one day. This means that if you have three months of Xbox Live Gold or PC Game Pass when you pay for the increase, you’ll only get two months of the service.

Microsoft says that a person can stack up to three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at once.

Since April 2019, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has included the service on both consoles and PCs. Xbox Live Gold, which lets users play with other people online, is also part of the contract. Lastly, it lets players use EA Play, which lets them play a variety of EA games.