Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 update ‘Even Immortality Ends’ launches July 19

The creator of Honkai: Star Rail, miHoYo, said that version 1.2, called “Even Immortality Ends,” will come out on July 19.

With this update, Xianzhou Luofu’s adventure hits its breath-taking climax, which marks a turning point in time. Blade, Kafka, and Luka will soon answer the call to join the team as playable characters as the Trailblazers get ready to explore unknown worlds. Along with the update, a lot of tough enemies and fun events are coming, inviting players into a world full of fun and prizes.

In Version 1.2, when Dan Heng finally gets back together with the Astral Express Crew, they will see Xianzhou Luofu drowning because of a failure that threatens the Alliance as a whole. The Trailblazers will have to overcome a number of challenges and discover two new areas, the Alchemy Commission and the Scalegorge Waterscape, where important battles are waiting. Players will get to the heart of the Stellaron disaster and find hidden facts buried in this huge Silkpunk flagship.

Blade, a mystery Stellaron Hunter, will soon be added to the list of playable characters, and as things go on, Trailblazers will learn more about his past. Due to things that were out of his control, Blade was given endless life. This means that his body can heal from serious illnesses and injuries, and the bandages he wears aren’t just for looks. As a five-star Wind-Type character who follows the Path of Destruction, Blade gives himself an edge in battle by giving up his own HP to deal more damage to his enemies and get the upper hand.

Along with Blade, another much-anticipated Stellaron Hunters character will finally join the playable lineup. Kafka came into the world on the planet Pteruges-V, where people didn’t know what fear was. Because of this, she couldn’t feel fear, which made it hard for her to understand what life was all about. As a Lightning-Type character with five stars who follows the Path of Nihility, Kafka shows off her strength by doing more damage to enemies over time. Lightning damage is done to various targets by her Skill. If an enemy already has Damage over Time, they will take more damage during their turn and after Kafka’s attack. Her Ultimate, on the other hand, hits all foes with lightning damage and has a chance to shock them. Those who are already shocked take damage right away.

Luka, the hero who was born and raised in Belobog, will soon be added to the game. He will be able to be recruited by players after his first appearance at the Summer Game Fest in June 2023. Luka is a valuable member of Wildfire and Oleg’s apprentice. He protects the people of the Underworld by using his strength, optimism, and lack of care. As a four-star Physical-Type character on the Path of Nihility, his Skill can cause Bleed on a single target and gives Physical damage. Luka can also improve his basic attack in fight after getting hit multiple times. His Ultimate does damage, but it also gives the target “Fighting Will,” which may make the damage they take go up for a certain number of turns.

There will also be a lot of new events to add to the intergalactic trip, like “Tales of the Fantastic,” where Mr. Xiyan, the storyteller at Starskiff Haven, is interested in the Astral Express’s story and wants to do his magic with words. In the “Underground Treasure Hunt” event, you have to find relics and are rewarded with a themed Chat Box. Version 1.2 also adds a new part to the Forgotten Hall called “The Voyage of Navis Astriger,” where Trailblazers can get the 4-star character Yukong by beating Stage 1. The Simulated Universe also gets a new update with gifts like the World 7 and ornaments that have never been seen before.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for PC via client download and the Epic Games Store, iOS via the App Store, and Android via Google Play. In Q4 2023, a version for the PlayStation 5 will come out. There are also plans for a PS4 version.