Project L introduces ‘duo play’ system; playable at EVO 2023

Project L, a free-to-play fighting game based on League of Legends, now features a duo play system, according to a new developer diary and gameplay video from Riot Games. Project L will have a playable demo at EVO 2023, which takes place from August 4 to August 6 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to the company’s other announcement.

Executive producer Tom Cannon stated in the developer blog, “We believed that if we’re going to make a fighting game, we need to contribute something fresh to the genre. We’re investing in some huge concepts that, in our opinion, will allow fans of fighting games to enjoy themselves in new ways.

I’m glad to introduce one of those huge bets for you today, as some of you have probably already guessed, Cannon continued. Project L is a two-versus-two team fighting game as well as a tag-based fighting game. As a result, two-person teams can compete against one another while each player controls a different champion. Therefore, we’re creating a game that you may play both with and against your friends.

Shaun Rivera, the game’s director, has further information here:

It’s similar to tag team wrestling how duo play operates. While waiting off-screen for their partner to discover the proper time to tag them in, one player controls the champion on stage. In our most recent update, we showed off a few of our tag mechanics, all of which were created from the bottom up to promote teamwork. These new cooperative gameplay options include sharing in wins and losses, executing combos together, and saving your teammate when it counts most.

“One versus one, two versus two, and even two versus one matches will be supported by Project L. So, single gamers need not panic; you may still play as a lone tag team fighter and simultaneously command both champions. Either go it alone or bring a companion. Your decision is yours.

“Whatever your setup, our technologies are made to feel natural and gratifying for players on stage and off-screen, and that process begins even before you enter a battle. With a technology we’re calling the Fuse, each side has the option to alter how their champions interact before the game even begins. With fuses, you can pick from a variety of potent synergies that alter your duo’s playing style and let player expression truly flourish.

“I’d want to discuss a fuse dubbed 2x Assist. There is a lot to learn, but you can always adjust your fuse for the next battle to see what feels right. This enables your team to fire out two assists back to back instead of just one. Each champion has two assists, some of which are chargeable.

“We’re quite interested in all the possibilities here and are looking forward to seeing what ideas you have. The core of Project L’s concept and the basis of the game as a whole is team play. We spent a lot of time working out how to make Duo play something truly unique and exceptional for you all to enjoy and master, even though we realize it’s a challenging design task to accomplish properly.

Here is a brief overview of duo play and EVO 2023 demo, via the newly launched Project L official website:


Fights feel better with friends, whether you’re practicing blows or dueling up against others. With duo play, you and your teammate each control a champion that can be tagged in during a match. It’s you and your duo against the world, so hone that synergy and punch it out.

Playable at EVO 2023

  • Darius – The Hand of Noxus. Rising from humble origins to become a bringer of true carnage, Darius cleaves through the empire’s enemies. He’s a mid-range fighter with attacks just as brutal and deadly as his axe.
  • Ekko – The Boy Who Shattered Time. A prodigy from the rough streets of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time to twist any situation to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Z-Drive, he thrives in pressure mixups and burst mobility.
  • Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox. Ahri is a fox-like vastaya who can manipulate her prey’s emotions and consume their essence. She’s a highly mobile mage with tons of pressure tools at her disposal.
  • ??? – To be announced.