Watch ESPN is one of the most famous sports channels in all of the entertainment industry. The channel simply is so well known, that every sports fanatic knows about the channel! If you are a sports fan, and you haven’t heard of ESPN, you should definitely check it out, and you will be very happy that you did!

We will let you know in this piece that why you should download the channel on your Roku, how to download the channel, and how to install the channel with the ‘Watch ESPN’ Roku Activation Code that is displayed on your TV screen.

Watch ESPN Roku Activation Code

What does ESPN telecast?

There are a lot of channels that let you stream sports, but no other channel lets you analyze the sporting events as much as ESPN. Here are nine more famous shows on Watch ESPN.

  1. SportsCenter
  2. Pardon the Interruption
  3. First Take
  4. 30 for 30
  5. Highly Questionable
  6. Around the Horn
  7. ESPN Sports Saturday
  8. Mike & Mike
  9. SportsNation

These are few of the most famous programs that are aired on ESPN. To watch these, all you have to do is download and install the channel on your Roku. For this, you also must activate the channel using the ‘Watch ESPN’ Roku Activation Code displayed on your Roku.

How to search for the channel?

Searching for the channel is very easy with Roku search. All you have to do is to go to the Roku channel store, andĀ from there search for the channel that you want. You can search for the channels, using Roku voice search, or using the Roku mobile application.

  1. Go to the Roku channel store.
  2. In there, please make sure to enter the right keywords for the channel, and hit enter.
  3. Once you hit enter, Roku will follow your instructions and fetch all the channels that match your description and keywords.
  4. From that, Choose ESPN. Once you click on the channel name, the channel gets highlighted, and a menu option appears.
  5. Click on the menu, and select the application on your Roku
  6. Wait for the application to be installed in your Roku account.
  7. After the application is installed, the only things left to do is to activate the channel using the Watch ESPN Roku activation code displayed on your TV screen.

How to use the Watch ESPN Roku activation code?

  1. After the channel is installed, you will have to open the channel.
  2. On opening the channel you will see the Watch ESPN Roku activation code displayed on your TV screen.
  3. Please make note of it, and open a separate browser window.
  4. Enter the activation code.
  5. After you enter the code, you will now be able to stream directly from the watch ESPN channel.

This is how you activate the channel using the Roku activation code.

ESPN account

As the final step, you will be asked to login to your ESPN account. All you have to do is open ESPN’s website and click on create an account. On clicking create an account, you will be asked to specify your name, contact information, and finally the service provider you will using to stream the channel. Please enter the same, get your credentials, and login to the same from your Roku account.

If you have any questions related to this, or if you still are not sure of how to use the Watch ESPN Roku activation code, visit our hub or please let us know via our toll-free number +1-805-669-0100, and we will be happy to help you. We are open 24*7, and we will walk you through all the Roku related issues you have!

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