About the sony crackle

Sony Crackle is owned by sony entertainment. Crackle is one of the best streaming players that is available on the Roku streaming device. If you are mad at watching the tv series, then your choice must be the sony crackle as it might have many top original tv series. The movies are streamed under many genres; they are action, animation, comedy, drama, thriller, etc. If you wish to activate this channel you need to surf to the sonycrackle com activate to activate the channel.

sonycrackle com activate

Compatible streaming device

  • Web
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • Roku
  • Chrome cast from both the android and the ios device
  • Apple tv
  • Amazon fire tv
  • Android tv

Mandatory things for the sony crackle activation

  • Roku device
  • Sony crackle account
  • Stable network connection
  • Roku account details

Steps create the crackle account

  • To stream the crackle tv, you must be holding the sony crackle account
  • Connect the network either on your mobile or the system
  • Navigate to the browser on the mobile
  • Surf to the sony crackle com activate
  • Tap the register button on the account creation page
  • Proceed with the account creation option
  • Enter the required credentials for the account creation
  • It is your wish to create your own user name and the password for your crackle account
  • As this channel is the free channel, you need not worry about the channel payment steps

Setup on the Roku for the crackle channel activation

  • Connect the power cable to the Roku device
  • Complete all the necessary settings on the device
  • Configure the stable network connection to the device
  • After the network connection to the device, check that there is any software update on the device
  • If yes then download the new version of the software to the device and install it on the Roku
  • It is always good to keep your Roku device as the updated to avoid the troubleshooting issue
  • If you have the Roku account credentials, use the credentials and login to Roku account on the Roku device
  • In case if you need to create the new Roku account, proceed with the further account creation steps

Note: if you need the steps for the new Roku account creation, you can visit our site and check for the best guidance and tips&tricks for the new Roku account creation

sony crackle com activate on Roku

After making the general settings on the Roku, you can proceed with the crackle channel activation on the device.

Steps to activate the sony crackle on the Roku

  • From the home page move to the Roku channel store
  • Make sure that you have linked your device to the Roku account
  • If yes, then proceed with the activation steps
  • On the find bar search for the sony crackle channel
  • Wait until the device gets the search result
  • If your device has a stable and good internet connection, you can process with the steps quickly
  • Once you get the channel result, start to download the channel to the device
  • After the download, proceed with the channel installation steps

Steps to activate the crackle channel via the sony crackle com activate

  • After the channel installation, get the channel app from the home page of the Roku
  • Refresh the home page and check that the channel icon is visible on the channel list of the Roku device
  • Open the channel, and you will get the channel activation code on the screen
  • Note the code correctly, and open the browser
  • Surf to the sonycrackle com activate to activate the sony crackle tv
  • Enter the activation code that you got from the channel page
  • After these steps, you have activated your crackle channel
  • Finally, enter the crackle account credentials on the channel and start to stream the contents from the sony crackle

Troubleshooting while activating the sony crackle

sonycrackle com activate can’t get the code

If you could not get the channel activation code, check that you have a stable network to the device. Make sure that you have no issues while downloading and installing the sony crackle on the device. If there is any issue, you will not be able to get the channel activation code on the Roku screen.

Could not activate the sony crackle on the Roku

If you are struggling to activate the sony crackle on the Roku, check that you have the proper network connection to the Roku device. Ensure that you use the standard browser to activate the sony crackle channel. Additionally, also check that you have used the correct sonycrackle com activate the site for the activation. Finally, check that there is no issue in entering the correct activation code that you got on the screen while you open the channel app

Crackle mobile app

You can watch the crackle shows and series where ever and whenever you wish to watch. You can download the crackle channel on both the ios and the android device and stream your favorite series whenever you wish

For further details on the sonycrackle com activate, you can feel free to contact our professional expert team and get the best guidance.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Whether sony crackle is available for free?

Yes, sony crackle is free, and don’t get panic for the payment steps while you activate the sony crackle channel.

  1. Does the crackle support the mobile app?

Yes, the crackle supports the mobile app for both the android and the ios devices.

  1. On which area the crackle is available?

At present, the crackle offers its service on the US and Australia only. On future, crackle will extend its service to your area. For more queries visit https://www.roku-com-link.info/

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