What is the Smithsonian channel?

Smithsonian is the which supports the content from the Smithsonian institution’s museum, research facilities, and the magazines. This channel is American pay television. This channel was first launched on September 26, 2007. you can stream this channel on the united states, Canada, Latin America, the united kingdom, republic of Ireland. If you wish to watch the Smithsonian channel on Roku, first things are you need to possess the TV provider login credentials to stream the content.

Smithsonian channel on Roku

Compatible devices to watch Smithsonian channel

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon fire TV
  • Roku players and TV
  • Android device

What are the genres available on the Smithsonian channel?

  • Ancient history
  • Arial
  • Crime and mystery
  • Aviation
  • Culture
  • Mini documents
  • Nature
  • Modern history
  • Royalty
  • Science and technology
  • Smithsonian earth
  • Wildlife
  • Space
  • Mini video clips

Trending content on Smithsonian channel

  • Most popular is aerial America
  • Featured black in space: breaking the color barrier
  • Spy wars with Damian Lewis
  • The flirty lioness is putting on a show
  • How this church dabbled in medieval curses
  • Air disasters
  • Dung dynasty
  • World of weapons
  • America’s hidden stories

What are the needed credentials to activate the channel?

  • Roku device
  • TV provider login credential
  • Roku account credentials
  • Stable network

How do I make the Roku first time setup to activate the channels?

  • Connect the Roku device and the TV using the HDMI cables
  • Power up the Roku device via connecting the power cables
  • Establish the network to the Roku device
  • Link the Roku device to the Roku account to process the channel activation

How do I activate the Smithsonian channel on Roku?

  • From the home page surf to the channel hub of the Roku device
  • Check whether there is any software update persist before you go ahead with the channel activation
  • On the channel, hub search for the Smithsonian channel
  • After you get the channel result, download and install the channel on the Roku device
  • Open the channel after launching the channel, generate the channel activation code on the screen
  • Surf to the channel page and enter the channel activation code to activate the channel
  • As this is the paid channel, follow the onscreen instruction and complete the payment process
  • Once the channel activation is over, to stream the channel, you need to enter the TV provider login credentials and start streaming the contents
  • Only if you provide the TV provider credentials, you can unlock the contents from the Smithsonian channel

Once the channel activation is over, refresh the home page, and check whether that the channel is visible on the subscription list.

What are the other ways to stream the Smithsonian channel on Roku?

There is some streaming service which offers the Smithsonian channel on their channel package. The streaming service which offers the Smithsonian channel on Roku are fuboTV, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV.

Streaming service


Fubo tv Standard package
Hulu Hulu with live tv package
Playstation Vue Core, elite and ultra
Youtube tv Offers only the single streaming package

Smithsonian on fuboTV

fuboTV offers a standard package on which you can get the Smithsonian channel. Along with the Smithsonian channel, you can 90+ channels on the standard package. Enjoy the seven days of free trial on this package. You can also stream the fuboTV content on two devices simultaneously while activating this package. also, you can additionally enjoy the 30 hours of DVR space

Smithsonian on Hulu

Hulu with live TV package offers the Smithsonian channel. You can enjoy the seven days of the free trial. Additionally, you can get the 65+ channel, including the Smithsonian channel. You can stream the Hulu with live TV on two devices simultaneously

Smithsonian on PlayStation Vue

Smithsonian Channel is supported by three packages on the PlayStation Vue one is the core, elite, and the ultra. Core package offers 70 channels, elite and ultra package offers the 100 channels. You can also get the unlimited DVR on activating these packages. Also, you can stream the content on the five devices at the same time on the PlayStation Vue.

Smithsonian on YouTube TV

This only possesses a single package. This package offers 70 channels along with the Smithsonian channel. You can stream the contents on three devices at the same time. Also additionally can acquire unlimited DVR

For more details on the Smithsonian Channel on Roku, get in touch with our professional expert team, and resolve the issues.

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