It is mandatory to have an internet connection on the Roku. Because the internet connection on the Roku is needed to even create the account, channel activation, etc. Here we are going to discuss about why My Roku won’t connect to wireless network

How I connect the wireless network to the Roku?

  • At the very first step while the Roku activation, you will be asked to connect the wireless network connection on the Roku
  • On the settings enter the wireless option and allow it to search for the available network
  • Once you get your home network, enter to the SSID name and enter the correct password to get the wireless connection
  • If you find the green checkmark on the display, it means that you have connected to the network
  • Otherwise, if you find the red mark on the network option it means that it could not able to connect the network with the Roku
  • If this occurs follow the below-given ideas and resolve your issues

Roku won't connect to wireless network

Steps to check the connection

There are two ways to perform the test to check the connections

To start with, enter the settings and choose the network option and process with the check connection

Test 1

  • Check for the home network connection and test the speed of the connection

Test 2

  • Make the internet connection and check the signal strength on the network

Steps to resolve the connectivity issue

  • If you start to connect the network, then check that you have entered to the correct SSID
  • Entering the wrong home network may also lead to the trouble in getting the network connection
  • Ensure that you have entered the correct password to the SSID
  • Check the password of your router as the password will be case sensitive
  • Confirm your password before you enter it on the credential space
  • Also, confirm that your router is working
  • Connect your mobile or system to the home network and check that your router is working
  • If everything is correct, but your Roku could get the network that means you have to improve your network strength
  • Place the router near the Roku
  • Avoid the obstacles between the router and the Roku
  • This might help to improve the signal strength

The final step to resolve the issue

If nothing works you need to restart the Roku device and the router

Restart your Roku

  • Enter the settings option
  • Choose the system option and proceed with the system restart option
  • Power off the Roku and wait for some time and to reconnect it

Restart your router

  • Press the reset button on the router
  • Or else power off and power on the router again
  • Check the manual of your router to reset the router

Common error code that can appear on the Roku

Error code 009

  • This error code occurs only if you could able to connect to the internet but could not able to get the internet
  • For this, you can restart the Roku device and resolve the error

Error code 14

  • This may happen if the Roku could not able to connect to the network
  • It may occur while you enter the wrong SSID or password

Error code 14.10 or 14.11

  • If this error code appears to try to restart the router and restart the Roku

Error code 14.20

  • Check that the signal strength is poor
  • If yes then make sure that there is no obstacle between the router and the Roku
  • Then also check that the router and the Roku is placed nearby not too far away

Error code 14.30

  • You can resolve this error code by restarting the router and the Roku

Error code 14.40 or 14.41

  • This may happen if you have entered the wrong password while connecting to the network
  • Resolve this by entering the correct password

Error code 14.50

  • To resolve this you need to restart the router and the Roku

Error code 14.62 or 14.64

  • Ensure that the router has a good strength, if not then this error may occur while your strength is poor

Error code 016

  • This error may appear while the network is lost suddenly or if the signal is poor

Error code 017

  • It occurs when the Roku configures to the poor strength network connection

Error code 018

  • This may occur when the Roku detects the slow speed internet

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