Roku remotes are one of the best reasons why you should use Roku devices! They have a lot of features like being able to listen to the TV audi via your headphones, connected to your remote. All of these are cool features that come with the remote are one of the important reasons why people buy a Roku device.

But, what if you are taking Roku on the go? What if there are only universal remotes in the dorm or the hotel that you stay in? You can configure the universal remote to become your Roku remote, using the Roku universal remote code provided by Roku. Remember, if there are no codes for the remote provider, then please understand that it is not Roku’s end of the job, but it is the device manufacturer who has to get these codes. So, please get it touch with them.

Roku Universal Remote Code

Though it depends on how equipped the remote is, to say how effective of a replacement this can be to the original Roku remotes, it is safe to assume that all the remotes can support the most basic of the functionalities in a remote. These include, Power, volume, and input select. A few sophisticated remotes can be even used to support buttons like back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, options (or star button), play/pause, reverse scan, and forward scan. So, that’s a good thing!

Here are the Roku universal remote codes

Providers Codes for TCL Roku TVs
Altice USA 1111, 0821, 0001, 3411, 3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561
ATT U-verse 1346
Bright House Cable 387,1756
Buckeye Broadband 12434, 2434
Cable One 2434
Cablevision / Optimum 031
CenturyLink 2414, 2434, 3183
Charter 1 11756
Comcast 2 11756, 12434, 12290, 12292
Cox Communications 1756, 11756, 12434
DISH Network 1756, 535, 645
Frontier Communications 688
General Communications 0031, 0107, 0164, 0004, 0009, 0044, 0054, 0000, 0342, 0003, 0125, 0015, 0022, 0052, 0087
Google Fiber 2856
Hawaiian Telcom 2434
ONN 3851
RCA/Voxx 12434,387, 12049
Time Warner 387, 1566, 268
TiVo 0091,0366
Verizon FIOS 180
Windstream 2414, 2434, 3183
GE Universal Remote Model 24922 2891
Logitech Harmony
Inteset INT-422 10885
Microsoft Xbox One T1756

Any of these remotes can be used to control your Roku streaming stick on the go, if you enter the right Roku universal remote code.

If the remote is not paired with your Roku device yet, please remove the battery slot. Now, switch off your Roku device, and start it again. Click the button and long press it. Now, you will be able to control the Roku device with it.

Troubleshoot | Roku universal remote codes

Though the remotes will not be as exhaustive as the actual Roku remotes that can easily be used to control both your Roku device and your TV, these remotes can probably only control your Roku device, and you will have to huggle with a couple of remotes to be able to control both the Roku device and the TV.

If the remote is not pairable, please go ahead and unpair the already paired remote. Go to settings, remote and unpair the already paired remote. Now try pairing this remote. If the remote is still no getting paired with the remote, but you still need a remote, please consider using the Roku mobile application. The application has a way you can use it as a virtual remote.

If you have any questions to know about Roku Universal Remote Code, visit our hub Our toll-free number is +1-888-213-9210, and we’re open 24*7.

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