Roku is one of the most used streaming devices in the entire continental US. Out of six people that use a streaming device, one of them use a Roku! That is an astonishingly large market share, especially when there are competitors like Amazon and Apple. What does Roku do, that makes it so special?

Well, Roku is affordable. Most of the Roku devices don’t cost as much as their competing devices. Two, the wide range of channels available for streaming, and the affordability of these channels.

But one of the most important reasons why Roku is famous, is simply because how easy they’re to set up. Roku set up, with a wireless router, would probably take you just fifteen minutes, from start to end, if you have the right assistance.

Roku Setup With Wireless Router

What do I need to complete a Roku setup with wireless router?

Well, obviously two things. One, a Roku device and a wireless internet router. But that isn’t all. You will need a Roku account, to login to. If you do not have a Roku account, please create one. You will be asked to enter your name, contact details, and your payment information.

This payment information will be used to charge you for your purchases. Every time you make a purchase on Roku, you will be charged for that from this account, so please be a bit careful!

Connect Roku to the TV and to the internet

First thing to do, is to unbox Roku and make sure all the accessories are in place. You will need a Roku device, a high speed Roku HDMI port and the USB port, and then the Roku remote.

Now connect the Roku device to power, by connecting the USB port to the device. After you connect Roku to both power and to the TV, switch on the TV.

Change the input method

The next step in Roku setup with Wireless router, is to change the input source of the TV. Now, you will see the Roku screen on your TV.

Once this is done, open the battery panel on Roku remote, and press the sync button inside the slot. After this, you should be able to control your Roku device using this remote.

Click on Roku menu.

Connecting Roku to WiFi

  1. The final step in the Roku setup with wireless router is to connect it to the WiFi.
  2. To connect it to the WiFi, please go to the Roku menu.
  3. In there, click on the network settings, and choose to connect Roku to the internet via a wireless router.
  4. Roku will search WiFi routers in its range and give you a few nearby devices.
  5. You can choose your WiFi from the lot, and choose to connect with it.
  6. If your WiFi is a password protected one, please make sure to enter the password.

Logging into your Roku account.

The final step in this Roku setup with wireless router is log in into your Roku account. After you login to your Roku account, you should normally be able to stream from different channels. We have a lot of material on on how to add channels. If you have any more questions, please ask our Roku experts by calling our toll-free number +1-805-669-0100

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