Roku is one of the most user-friendly devices of all times. They provide a way to things for their users. These workarounds are probably easier than the direct approach! For instance, if you have channels of programs that Roku does not support, or the provider does not allow you to access it via Roku, then you will have to probably jailbreak Roku as a workaround, right?

Not exactly. Roku itself provides a wonderful tool to work around this, and it’s way simpler than jailbreaking it! It’s called Roku Screen Mirroring, and you get to watch any content on Roku, hosted from any of your other devices.

Roku Screen Mirroring

Roku Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a process by which you can simply get the screen of one device casted on to other devices. In this case, we’re looking to cast the screens of your devices on to Roku, so you can watch channels and streaming services that are inherently not available on Roku, despite the ocean of content available!

This way you get to watch your favorite contents on a bigger screen, and also maintain the integrity of your Roku device, and keep it still secure.

How to mirror a screen on Roku?

For this, you’d need an application installed both on your Roku device and on your computer, or phone whichever you decide to mirror from. There are quite a few options as to which application to install, and the steps to install differs from application to application as well, so we’ll take you through the step by step process of how to cast screens.

Roku Cast | Roku screen mirroring application

Roku Cast is available as a Chrome extension on the computer, and as a channel application on Roku. You will have to download and install this on both of these devices and sync them up.

To install the Roku Cast Chrome extension, please go to the Chrome store, and search for the extension. Once you find it, install it. During the installation, you will be shown a warning that the extension will get access to your screen to mirror it elsewhere, and you will have to authorize it to go forward.

After you authorize the download in your computer and install the extension, you will have to download the Roku cast application on to your Roku device as well. To do that, you will have to go to the Roku Channel Store and search for the channel application.

Installing Roku Cast for Roku screen mirroring

To search for the application, please go to the Roku channel store. In the search bar, please enter the right keywords that relate to the channel. In this case, a few keywords to try would be screen mirroring, and Roku casting options. After you search, you will have a few applications listed as the search result.

Please choose the Roku cast channel, and choose to download and install the application. After the application is installed, please wait for it download a software update, if any.

After the application is successfully installed, please open the application and verify it. To verify the application, you will have to make note of the verification code that you receive on the TV screen, and enter it in the After the activation is done, follow these steps to use the Roku screen mirroring feature.

How to use Roku cast?

Once both devices have Roku cast, open the Chrome extension on your Mac. Make sure that both your Macbook and Roku are connected to the same network. In the homepage of Roku Cast, enter the Roku device’s IP address.

This should help you sync both the devices, and when you play any video or display a photo, the audio and display are mirrored on to Roku. Please note there is latency, but this is suitable for movies or songs. Not games, though.

If you need help in Roku screen mirroring, please let us know and we’ll help you. Visit for more updates on screen mirroring on Roku.

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