Roku is one of the most important streaming media players of all time because there are absolutely all the channels (!) available in there. Be it local, or international, or even regional channels, Roku most probably has it. Also, a lot of his channels are for free! Yes. Roku has over 500000 channels in its channel store, and this is excluding the private channels that are available there. This probably means the channels are going to cost a lot, right?

No! Most of these channels are for absolutely free, and you can stream them for as long as you want, simply by having a Roku account. These free channels are mostly supported by the commercials mechanism. One of the best channels that happen to work this way, the meaning is available for free, but with advertisements, is the Roku channel. This channel is officially Roku’s and is supported by advertisements.

How to Block Commercials on Roku

Since we’ve been in this business of helping people improve their entertainment experience, we’ve had a few people come up to us and ask, Is there a way? how to block commercials on Roku? Since we’ve had quite a lot of people ask that to us, we decided to write this up and explain it all of the viewers

Different channels on Roku

Before we go into the channels and commercials, we will have to look at the different types of channels available on Roku. We have three types of channels, and they are,

  1. Private channels.
  2. Paid channels.
  3. Free channels.

Every channel is either of the three. A few of these channels do have the option to block commercials on Roku, but you cannot do that to every channel. We will take you through the different options available, and you can let us know if it worked, or if you need further assistance.

  1. Private channels

These channels are mostly priced. A private channel is simply a channel that is not available in the Roku channel store, and a channel that will not appear even on search. You can download and install them only using the channel code. These channels are usually priced, but there are a few channels that run based on ads as well. In that case, how to block commercials on Roku private channels? You can directly go to a PPV, or a paid membership, and your ads will be revoked. This is not something every channel provides, but you can contact the channel providers and enquire.

  1. Free channels.

Now, how to block commercials on Roku free channels? Because commercials are the only way these channels make their money! Worry not. A few channel applications like YouTube TV, have options that you can take, and subscribe to a premium version of the channel application, just to forego the ads. This is a payment you have to ake, to surpass the ads, and also make sure that the creators get paid. If you ask us, this is a good trade-off.

Not all channels have this, though. What d we do then? Well, there are a few things we can try, but are a little convoluted to follow. It requires that we look into the situation, visit or please do give us a call on our toll-free number, +1-805-669-0100. We are open 24*7!

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