Hoopla is one of the biggest channels on Roku, in the realm of video sharing and streaming.  People download Hoopla simply because of two reasons. Almost all of the videos available on YouTube is available on Roku. Two, the content that is restricted or not available on YouTube is available on Hoopla as well. Hoopla lets you download your favorite Ebooks, movies and series. Their library holds over 1500+ hours of streamable content.

Roku is one of the most established streaming devices of all time, they offer Hoopla as well. To download Hoopla on Roku, you will have to first find Hoopla on the Roku channel store and then download it. But the process is all but over at this point.

hoopla on Roku

How to search for the channel in the Roku channel store?

To search for the channel that you want to download, and in this case Hoopla, you will have to enter a relevant keyword on to the search bar, and then select the channel from the search results.

  1. Since you are searching for Hoopla, the keyword to enter and search might as well be the channel name.
  2. All the channels that are related to the keyword will show up, and in the search result is the Hoopla as well.
  3. Once you find the channel, please select it.
  4. After selection, the channel will be highlighted and you will see a menu button alongside the channel name.
  5. Please select the option to download and install the channel.

Now, you have to wait. Wait for the channel to download and install itself, so that it appears on the channel list in your Roku account.

How to activate Hoopla on Roku?

Activating the channel is basically following a three-step process. Setting up the computer with an internet connection and reaching out to its browser application, then opening the channel application and finally entering the activation code on to the browser window.

  • Go to the computer browser and surf for the URL roku.com/activation. Sign in to your Roku account.
  • After you sign in to your account, you will have to open the channel application and look for the activation code.
  • Note the activation code, and enter the same on to the browser window.
  • After you enter the same, your channel will be active and you will be able to stream the channels, from wherever you want, and whenever you want.

How else can I stream Hoopla?

Hoopla can be streamed via the Roku mobile application as well. To do it from the mobile application, you will have to have the application installed on your mobile device. Now, login to your Roku account from the mobile application.

the Roku mobile application can not only be used as a way to stream Hoopla on Roku, on the go but can also act as a virtual remote. The remote is not a complete substitute but a close complement to the actual remote.

If you have any questions on how to install the channel application of Hoopla on Roku, or if you have any other questions regarding the Roku device setup, please let us know. We will walk you through the solution and we are open 24*7 as well! Our toll-free number is +1-805-669-0100. Happy Streaming!

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