You can use the Roku for viewing the tv shows, movies. There are many eye-catchy features available on the Roku. There is a unique feature that is available on all models of the Roku is my feed. This my feed option helps you to get the new update related to your search. It also gives the customers about the new channel related information under a single topic

If you need to know about how to use my feed option, you can visit this site and get more information.

What are the steps to use the Roku?

  • To access the Roku after the hardware settings and initial set up of the Roku, you need to create the Roku account
  • Once you get the Roku activation code on the screen after the hardware settings
  • Enter the code on the Roku site
  • Then enter the required credentials to create the account
  • Note the Roku user id and the password for the future use

Steps to access my feed on Roku

  • Sign in to your account
  • Connect the wireless network to the Roku device
  • After the wireless connection, if the device finds the update, it will automatically process with the update settings
  • Navigate to the home page by tapping the home button on the Roku remote
  • On the home screen, you will get my feed option and enter my feed option
  • From my feed option select your categories, on this, there are many feeds available
  • There are three categories available on my feed option like movies, tv shows, movies coming soon

How to get your favorite movies from my feed option on Roku?

Initial steps

  • To add the movies, ensure that you have done the complete set up for your Roku device
  • Make sure that you have created the Roku account by visiting the Roku site
  • Also, check that you have a sign in to your Roku account on the Roku device

Steps to get the movies from my feed option

  • Then navigate to my feed option from the home page
  • Choose the movies option on my feed
  • Select the category on which you wish to watch the movies
  • You will be given with three options follow this movie on Roku, view full description and close
  • After you choose the category from the given options, you will get the list of movies which falls under the category which you have subscribed
  • If you are subscribing my feed for the first time, Roku may provide you with the free or else you will be asked for the less amount for the subscription
  • It is your wish to follow or unfollow the movie; you can also unfollow the film at any time

How to get the tv shows using my feed option on Roku?

  • You can search for the favorite series on my feed option
  • On the future, if your favorite series gets the new episodes, you will receive the update regarding the favorite

How to watch the upcoming movies soon on my feed option on Roku?

  • If you choose movies coming soon option, you will see the list of latest movies that are streaming on the theaters and the list of movies that are not streamed on the Roku
  • While you select the movie from the list, you will get the updates on the future when it joins the list

How to use the for the channels and devices that support my feed option

  • To add the channels the main thing you need to add the Roku account to the device
  • There are several channels which are offered on the Roku feed feature
  • You can watch the many popular channels on the Roku
  • If you have updated the latest feature on the Roku device, you can find my feed option on the Roku device

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