The Fox Nation is a recently added channel in the Roku channel store. The channel started out as a website extension to the Fox News, and the channel claimed that the website would serve as a forum for discussion about the American stature, and the country’s policies.

The website was then turned into a channel, named the Fox Nation. The channel runs debates and discussions on the policies of American, and the political climate of the same. There are both liberal and conservatives in the channel, neutrally discussing their stands. In this blog, we will take you through the process of installing Fox Nation on Roku, and how to install the channel in your Roku account.

 Fox Nation on Roku

How to search for the channel in Roku?

Just like the Fox Nation on Roku, there are around 500000 channels. To find a channel in this pile of channels should be ideally difficult. However, since the Roku channel store is well arranged and the search is accurate, searching for the channel in the list of all available channels is not as difficult.

Please note that the channel charges $5.99 per month, after a 7-day free trial. So when you install the channel you will not be charged for it. However, your account will be automatically charged for the channel, if you are subscribed even after your free trial.

To do this, you’ll have to login to your Roku account and go to the Roku channel store. In there, please click on the Roku search bar.

  1. Once in the Roku search bar, please make sure to enter the right keyword.
  2. The keyword can be the name of the channel, the genre of the channel or any of the programs aired by the channel. As unique the keyword is to the channel, the higher the chance of the search working.
  3. Find theFox Nation on Roku in the channel
  4. Once you find the channel, please select the channel.
  5. With the channel highlighted, please go ahead and click on the channel menu.
  6. From the dropdown menu, please choose the option to download and install the channel to your Roku account.

You will have to wait until the channel is downloaded, installed and has been listed as one of the channels in your channel list. After this happens, you will have to activate the channel before you get to stream from the channel.

How do I activate Fox Nation on Roku?

Now that you have the channel installed, please go ahead and open the channel you will have to ideally have an activation code displayed on your TV screen. You will have to enter the activation code on your Roku account, in a separate browser to activate the same.

Go to a web browser and login to your Roku account. Once you are logged in, you will see the entered URL a space to enter the activation code. Please enter the code that was displayed on the TV screen on to the browser. After you enter the same, please hit go.

Once you enter the activation code on to your Roku browser, the Fox Nation on Roku will be activated and you can stream from the channel whenever you want, from anywhere.

If you have any questions related to the Fox Nation on Roku activation, please let us know or visit We’ll also help you with processes like Roku device setup, connecting your Roku device to wireless internet and syncing the Roku account with your Roku device.

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